So, what exactly is a “landing page”? It’s a question I get a lot.  Here’s Google’s answer:

A: The destination web page for people responding to an advertisement, designed specifically for that campaign and audience.

The key difference between a home page and a landing page is that the former must be all things to all visitors, while the landing page should be narrowly defined to optimize conversion for a specific campaign.

Typically, a landing page has only one action on it. No links, no way (besides the back button) to get off the page. Just buy now, or sign up here, or give us your email address, or download our informative report.

When would I need a landing page? Maybe you have a special event happening and you decide to advertise on Facebook. Rather than directing people to the home page (say, you would direct them to a landing page specifically designed to address the event and why it’s important to them (

You see this on TV all time. Go to Now when people go to the URL you can track exactly how much traffic the ad generated.

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